Wedding Photo EMERGENCY!

Wedding Photo EMERGENCY!What to do if your wedding pictures have “accidentally” been ripped in half, or quarters or shredded? Yikes!

The Photo Restoration Center receives a surprising number of enquiries about photographs that have been ripped in half, torn, quartered, slashed, or otherwise lacerated. The subject of these pictures? Often, it’s the happiest day of someone’s life. Yes, we’re talking about photos of The Big Day, the ones kept in a special box tied with a white bow.

More often than not, the distress call will come from the hot-headed ripper him or herself.

Is all lost? Is a happy ending still possible?

Wedding photos are not the only victims

Of course, there are variations on this theme. Photographs occasionally tear precisely down the middle by accident. Intended or not, the results can be just as dramatic and the cause of much distress:

Two brothers sit side by side in a school portrait, innocent and smiling, unaware of a future in which they will be torn clean apart.

Imagine the family historians, years from now, the ancestors of these boys pondering the meaning of the destroyed picture. Was there a dreadful fraternal rift? The violent separation suggests a betrayal. But perhaps someone simply tried to remove the boys’ photograph from an album. The tacky pages of old photograph albums have a habit of bonding with the memories they guard, loathe to give them up. The boys’ future biographers will never know.

“Can The Photo Restoration Center save my photographs (and my marriage)?”

A question we hear a lot. A wedding photograph is a powerful thing, perhaps more powerful than any other photograph. All kinds of superstitions surround them. Even cracked glass could spell trouble ahead.

Can such power be restored? The answer, simply, is yes. The Photo Restoration Center has been rewriting happy endings since 1997.

Owner, Sandra Christie deals with every enquiry personally. She will provide a personalized quotation free of charge after discussing your requirements and seeing the photographs you want to restore. You can rest assured that many personal photographs, and images with all kinds of stories, have passed through her hands over the years. She handles every image with discretion.

Sandra will work on your restoration with a team of experts to achieve a perfect finish.

“Will anyone find out what I did?”

If you want to keep your moment of “overreaction” to yourself, we’ll keep your secret. Our restorations are pristine recreations of your original prints. We’ll match the paper in feel and weight. We can even match any signs of age or stains that were present on the originals, if that’s what you want.

When we return your prints, we are confident you’ll be delighted with the results, and that no one will know they are restorations, unless you choose to tell them.

Finally, we’ll give you advice on how to store or display your new prints so that they will last for generations to come.

So, I get a second chance?

The Photo Restoration Center can restore photographs as many times as required, provided you still have the pieces. Like a puzzle, some pieces are more important than others, particularly the faces.

We can also restore photographs that have faded or been affected by mold, staining, and creasing. We return photos to their original beauty, and our museum-quality work is often commissioned to create a very special gift for a loved one or to commemorate a meaningful occasion.

A final word of caution

Please, however miffed you are, don’t set fire to your photographs. Unfortunately, some kinds of damage are going to last forever. If you burn a photograph and the image is gone, it’s gone for good.