Faded photo

Good morning Sandra,

I must tell you that I am, as the English saying goes “over the moon” about the prints I received.  Absolutely clear and detailed, and the colors are bright and warm.  I am so happy I found you when I searched for someone to fix our 41 year-old picture.  It is hard to take in that it has been so long since we were at the SGM’s Academy in 1980.  My, how time flies!  I wish I could hug you, but I will content myself to sending you a warm spiritual hug.  I will keep you and all your workers because of you in my daily prayers.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and a Blessed upcoming New Year 2022!

With deep gratitude from your “over the moon” customer,

North Carolina

Project was to stitch together 25 separate photos of a 14-foot wall decoration. I provided photos with varying skewed perspectives and terrible lighting. The miracle? Despite the fact that I could not provide two crucial photos, Sandra scrounged a way to fill in the missing parts. The finished image is a masterpiece, with great attention to detail. I have used The Photo Restoration Center before and I will use again. Highly recommended.

Sedona, AZ

I am exceptionally pleased with the work done on an old high school graduation picture that my mother-in-law cherished. This image was extremely important to my mother-in-law since it was a picture of her deceased daughter. The restoration that The Photo Restoration Center did was remarkable considering the poor condition of the original image. To say that I am pleased with The Photo Restoration Center service would be an understatement.

Chuck Crookshanks
Ravenswood, WV

Water damage

I couldn’t be happier. The original was damaged during Hurricane Andrew and I always wanted to restore it. Thanks to the Photo Restoration Center, I can proudly showcase my baptism photos.

A Bez
Miami, FL

The Photo Restoration Center did an amazing job. My family photo card from 1903 was missing the top left portion completely and had faded to point that my relatives faces were completely unrecognizable. The restored copy is beautiful and beyond my expectations. Thank you.

Lynnette Bondurant
Las Vegas

I lost my dad a little over a year ago and this was one of the very few pictures that I had of my dad. I had already taken this picture to a few other restoration places but was not satisfied with the results, so I brought it here. When I received the email with my dad’s restored picture I immediately started crying because it was perfect, I was able to see my dad again. I cannot thank Sandra enough for her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone and plan on using her in the future myself.

Emily S.

I recently had a photo of myself taken in the first grade (mid 1950’s), which needed to be restored. The color photo, some sixty-one years old, was badly faded and not suitable for display. I had always wanted to once again frame and display the photo but, due to its condition, decided not. I had checked with a local photo store in my town which advertises that they provide photo restoration. The photo shop examined the photo and determined that it was too badly faded and that they could do nothing to restore it. Sandra, at Restoration Photo, was able to restore the photo to the color and clarity as if it was taken yesterday. I am so impressed with the results and appreciative in what she has accomplished. It may be just a photo, but it is important to whom we were/are. Sandra…..thank you very much.

Gary M.
Torrington, CT

Wow, picture looks really good, some spots wrinkles and part of the picture was torn off, she restored it great job, I would recommend her for sure, and thank you Sandra and she lived up to her name quality photo restoration & repair services

Wilmington California

Photo Restoration Fixing Faded Photos

I only had one formal wedding portrait made in advance of our wedding back in 1972 because of the high cost of photos of that type back then. Recently ran across it in its original frame while going through some of my mother’s things that had been in storage for the past few years. Was extremely disappointed at how much it had faded over time so decided to see if I could find someone on-line who does photo restoration work. Ran across Sandra at Restoration Photo and provided her with a scanned version of what I had. Today I received the restored photo via e-mail and was absolutely thrilled by the result! Never thought the photo would look anything like it did originally, but it even looks better now than how I remembered it. I am beyond satisfied, and if I ever need additional photo restoration work done, I will definitely direct it Sandra’s way. Many thanks for the excellent work and for not only restoring a photo but restoring all the memories that go with it!


I have no words to thank you about your work. Simply amazing. Is going to be the best gift for my mom (actually the little girl is her mother and her grandmother) she has kept that photo for years and will create good remembers for her.

Thanks and warmest regards


I am impressed with the restoration you did of my grandparents. The color restoration from the extreme sun fade and the blending with what little color remained on the very edges is seamless.

I’m sure my mom (it’s her parents in the photograph) will greatly appreciate the restoration. Thank you for fast, quality service.

Colorado Springs, CO

We were very pleased with your work. That photo was nearly 60 years old and had been water damaged.

R Haney
Spruce Pine, N.C.

Restoration Photo is great. You did it better than the original and the fee is minimal compared to the stress I was having. Thank you for saving my state of mind. I surely would love to recommend you to friends who need your help.

Pilar Escalambre
Las Vegas

I sent Sandra a well-worn scan of a photo from the 1950’s that had a big crease across the middle.

She responded almost immediately with a reasonable quote to fix the picture. I then asked her to give me another quote to cut a person out of the picture.

Again a quick response with a new quote.

I was so happy to get the finished product within two days. it was exceptionally done. I highly recommend this service.

Mary McDonald
Saratoga, CA

Photo Restoration of Aged Photos

I have a photo from 1875 that was fading and developed blue spots on it. I could not believe the restored photo I got back! The spots were gone and the 140 year-old photo looked like it was taken yesterday! Great job and well worth the money!

Dave Lowry
Upstate New York

Photo Restoration of Faded Photo

I have had my children’s pictures on the wall for over 25 years, and some of them have faded do to the sunlight coming through the windows. After a remodel, I was putting the pictures back up on the wall and thought….wow these are really faded and I thought about having them restored. I did an internet search and found Sandra’s site and thought, let me give this a try. Oh wow, she did an absolutely beautiful job and when I look at the old pictures, I can’t believe how much they actually did fade. I got inspired and refinished the frames too. I have more pictures to send in for restoration. Thanks to this awesome work, memories are in tact and my stairwell will look great again! I highly recommend Sandra. I had the photos actually printed through Nations Photo Lab, they also did a great job. Very pleased!!!!!

San Antonio, TX

Old Photo Restoration - Before / After

Wow, I am so impressed at the job Restoration Photo did on my old family photos. With my great grandparents’ photos, they were the only ones I had of them and they were in rough shape. Now they look as good as they probably were over a hundred years ago. Thanks so much!

Vancouver, BC

Photo Restoration - Restore Discolored Photos

What joy to get this refurbished photo back from Sandra! I was recently at my mom’s home and noticed that our favorite picture of her and my dad had faded horribly and had some watermarks on it. I took it with me and had no idea what to expect when I went on line to find out how to get the photo refurbished. Reading reviews and browsing Sandra’s web site convinced me to give it a go and I am not disappointed at all! Delight, in fact. Just got it printed out and will frame and present to my mother as a surprise gift. It’s an especially poignant photo as it was taken just before my father died, so this refurbishment has deep meaning for our whole family.

Thank you so much!
Arjun MH.

Arjun MH
Phoenix, AZ

My mother-in-law recently moved into an assisted living facility and her home was placed on the market. During the process of cleaning out her house, we found an old black and white photo of my wife when she was six years old. The photo was taken when my wife was in a wedding and she remembered the details of her dress colors, flowers, etc.

As a surprise for my wife, I decided to have the photo restored and colorized. I Googled photo restoration and found Sandra’s site. I sent a scanned copy of the photo to Sandra and provided her with a written description of the work to be done, and the results were amazing! My wife was thrilled with photo and said that the colors of her dress, flowers and hair were just as she remembered them.

Sandra is truly an artist and we will use her again when we need any future restorations. I highly recommend Sandra!

Bob Gilbert
Birmingham, AL

Hi Sandra,

Just this moment downloaded the photos, and I am truly in tears! They are fantastic! I could not be more pleased and excited! You did an amazing job, and I’m sure there will be more photos coming your way in the very near future to restore. Being my family’s historian, I have collected many old photos of my ancestors. I will definitely be in touch again!

Thank you so much!!


Good Afternoon Sandra,

The 16 x 20 from Adorama arrived today and I have put back in the frame. You did a masterful job; we could not be more pleased. Thank you again for your expertise and collaboration.

All the best,


“Sandra provides consistently high-quality photo restoration services and professional customer service. I uploaded a 135 year old, heavily damaged photo that had been torn into multiple pieces and the jagged seams repaired with ancient, yellowed scotch tape. Pieces were missing, and there was heavy fading and surface cracks. The results were stunning : visual image quality and depth was better than original in many areas and Sandra accurately recreated photo details to fill in the missing sections. No evidence remained of the tape or cracking. Foreground and background material was extended in life-like manner to create better-than-original photo symmetry. I am very satisfied and would recommend restoration photo to anyone seeking restoration services.

B. Cressman

Restoration Photo did an excellent job on a very personal photo for our family.

The photo included our daughter who passed away several years ago.  All the original photos were lost in a house fire this spring.  The only digital copy we had was a mess.  Sandra removed tape and ball point pen damage cleanly and efficiently.

In addition she was able to accomplish changes I had always hoped for.  She erased a pesky air register (inappropriately positioned directly on my husband’s head) and opened his eyes to make a better photo.

Her work was prompt and reasonably priced.  I recommend her services to anyone seeking photo restoration services.

Mrs. William Zwemke
Ware, MA

Restored 61 year old faded and damaged photo

Restoration Photo did a fabulous job of restoring a water damaged, 61 year old picture.  The restored photo is sharp and the colors are beautiful.  Restoration was quick and I had my restored photo back in a week.


Thank you for your wonderful restoration of our family photo. The photo is over 100 years old and the original was in rough shape.

The restored version is in the process of being framed. We thought you’d like to know that the restored photo has been donated to the Digital Archive at the Fayetteville Arkansas Library and is posted under the Carter Farmily.

Thank you

C Edward Niblock

“Thank you once again for the beautiful job you did on my photo. I am very happy with the print which arrived today. I know my Mom and Dad will love it and treasure it always.

I appreciate the professionalism and care in which my photo was handled and I will recommend your company to any one interested in restoration.”

Dawn Danner
Petersburg, NY

“I was astonished by the quality of the work. I thought it was impossible to restore my ancient photo booth pictures let alone have them improved by realistic coloration.

I now have 8×10 photographs! It has to be seen to be believed. I would seriously recommend Restoration-Photo to anyone seeking professional restoration services at an affordable price.”

Bob Pearson
Rockville, MD

“The photo looks great! You did a wonderful job.
Thank you very much. My parents will be very pleased.”

Rose Patterson
Shelby Township, MI

“My picture has come. It is wonderful and I must admit I wept. Thank you so much for your skill and good advice.”

Again thanks so very much.”

Rebecca Peterson


“I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my picture. I appreciate the way you handled my concerns and adjusted the image to my liking. It looks great! I know my mother will love it.”

Nicole Santos
White Plains, NY