Our Unique Process

Our photo restoration process takes a comprehensive approach that provides clients with the combined best efforts of many very talented restorers. It goes beyond the technological limits of a piece of software. Quality photo restoration involves experience, care, judgment, research and the desire to give our clients a beautiful photo that had always meant so much but was thought beyond repair.

Several restorers work on each of our projects. As is often the case, different artists have different strengths. For example, some of our restorers have a special talent with skin color or texture, others with removing paper texture, and others with matching grain and combining photos.

Each photo is assigned to two or three restorers depending on the type of damage. The Lead Artist then assesses the work, take the best of each artist’s efforts, combine them, and pull it all together into a final product.


A quality photo restoration starts with a high-resolution scan of at least 600DPI. We can take care of the scanning for you. We ask that you send us a snapshot of your photo which you can take with your phone so that we can provide a quote.

If you’re happy with the quote, you then put your photo in a box, send it in, and well take care of the rest – from professional scanning to photo prints delivered to your door.


We have expanded our services and now produce prints for our restoration customers. When you place your order please let us know the size and quantity of prints you would like. We’ll take care of having them produced and then shipped to your door. As always you will still receive your final restored photo in a digital format as well.