Our Unique Process And Cost

Unlike other companies, we do not do photo restorations for a flat fee. Because every restoration job is unique, each photo restoration cost must be individually quoted. When you send us your photo or upload your scan, we will evaluate it and quote the cost of your restoration based on the extent of the damage.

Our process provides our clients with the combined best efforts of many very talented restorers, not just the technology limits of a piece of software. Quality photo restoration isn’t all technology. It involves experience, care, judgment, research and the desire to give our clients a beautiful photo that had always meant so much but was thought beyond repair.

Our projects are worked on by several restorers. As is often the case, different artists have different strengths. For example, some of our restorers have a special talent with skin color or texture, others with removing paper texture, and others with matching grain and combining photos. Once a job is submitted, the photo is assigned to two or three restorers depending on the type of damage. As Lead Artist, I assess what’s been done, take the best of each artist’s efforts, combine them, and pull it all together into a final product.

Prices start at $95 per photo. The final photo restoration cost is based on the extent of damage. An average restoration is $150, and an extreme restoration can be $300 or more.

Our quote lets you know your total restoration cost before work begins Requesting a quote puts you under no obligation to purchase our services. If we do not feel an acceptable restoration can be achieved, we’ll let you know and may offer advice on a reasonable next step. Request your no obligation quote here.

Please note: Although we can repair almost every kind of damage imaginable, we unfortunately cannot fix an out of focus image.

If instead of a scan, you send a photo for us to scan at our facility, we charge a fee to return it via USPS Priority Mail. The price depends on the size of the photo.

All final restorations are delivered via email or download, unless otherwise requested. All restoration/editing quotes include scanning and general cleanup of your photo. The accepted e-mailed quote shall be binding. Quotes remain in effect for 14 days from date issued.


We do not produce prints here at The Photo Restoration Center, but do recommend Adorama Pix, http://www.adoramapix.com. They use Kodak photo paper, their prices are extraordinarily reasonable (an 8X10 is around $1.50), and they always do a great job for our clients.

When your restoration is complete, we will email you a copy of the final file. You can then upload that file directly to Adorama and place an order for the number and sizes of prints you want. We don’t have any official association with Adorama, we just like their service.


Once you receive your quote, if you would like to proceed, we will provide you a link for payment. We accept personal and business checks, all major credit cards and PayPal.  Photo Restoration Cost

All prices are in U.S. dollars. Receipt of your payment confirms your approval and acceptance of the quote, so work can begin on your restoration.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

If you are not satisfied with your restored photo, we will work with you until you are, or we will promptly return your money.* Thirty (30) days after final delivery, the project is considered accepted and no longer eligible for additional changes or a refund.

* We do have one exception to our money back  guarantee. Occasionally when quoting a restoration, we advise a customer that the damage to their photo is too extensive for us to achieve a level of restoration we would consider deliverable. If the customer requests that we give it a try anyway, we will do our best as always, but cannot offer a money back guarantee.

How Long Does It Take?

The entire photo restoration process, from acceptance of the estimate to delivery of the restored photo, generally takes 15-20 business days. If you want to have the restored photo for a special occasion or holiday, please allow us enough time. If necessary, your project can be done on a rush basis, but a rush fee will be applied.

At certain times of the year, such as December, our volume is particularly heavy and turnaround times may be longer. Current turnaround times are posted on this website.