If it’s worth keeping, it’s worth investing
in the photo restoration it deserves.

Memories fade and so do the photos that capture them. Over time, images dim and prints can acquire cracks, tears and stains from inadequate storage, mishandling and unforeseen events. The Photo Restoration Center is dedicated to bringing back those beloved and historic images to their original beauty with digital photo restoration methods.

Our photo restoration process goes far beyond the software manipulation commonly available. Our method takes a comprehensive, holistic approach. It involves deep historic research, and marshals the talents of a team of experts, each specializing in specific details, such as skin, hair, eyes or settings. We sometimes must make artistic judgments on restoring elements of a photograph which are no longer evident.

The Photo Restoration Center understands the significance of our clients past and history. We restore photographs with the utmost commitment and respect.


Our photo restoration process takes a comprehensive approach that provides clients with the combined best efforts of many very talented restorers. It goes beyond the technological limits of a piece of software. Quality photo restoration involves experience, care, judgment, research and the desire to give our clients a beautiful photo that had always meant so much but was thought beyond repair.

Several restorers work on each of our projects. As is often the case, different artists have different strengths. For example, some of our restorers have a special talent with skin color or texture, others with removing paper texture, and others with matching grain and combining photos.

Each photo is assigned to two or three restorers depending on the type of damage. The Lead Artist then assesses the work, take the best of each artist’s efforts, combine them, and pull it all together into a final product.

Color Shift Photo Restoration

More Before & After Examples

Extreme Photo Restoration

Extreme reconstruction of image detail

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Services Include:

  • Restoration of minor to severely damaged photographs:
    • Torn and cracked
    • Sun damaged
    • Water damaged
    • Stained
    • Mold damaged
    • Faded
  • Recreation of missing pieces
  • Color correction of color photos
  • Colorization of B&W photos
  • Photo enhancement
  • Adding text to a photo
  • Creation of display reproductions
  • Scanning and repair of damaged documents

Please note: Although we can repair almost every kind of damage imaginable, we unfortunately cannot fix an out of focus image.

What Our Customers Say…

I recently had a photo of myself taken in the first grade (mid 1950’s), which needed to be restored. The color photo, some sixty-one years old, was badly faded and not suitable for display. I had always wanted to once again frame and display the photo but, due to its condition, decided not. I had checked with a local photo store in my town which advertises that they provide photo restoration. The photo shop examined the photo and determined that it was too badly faded and that they could do nothing to restore it. Sandra, at Restoration Photo, was able to restore the photo to the color and clarity as if it was taken yesterday. I am so impressed with the results and appreciative in what she has accomplished. It may be just a photo, but it is important to whom we were/are. Sandra…..thank you very much.

I lost my dad a little over a year ago and this was one of the very few pictures that I had of my dad. I had already taken this picture to a few other restoration places but was not satisfied with the results, so I brought it here. When I received the email with my dad’s restored picture I immediately started crying because it was perfect, I was able to see my dad again. I cannot thank Sandra enough for her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone and plan on using her in the future myself.

I only had one formal wedding portrait made in advance of our wedding back in 1972 because of the high cost of photos of that type back then. Recently ran across it in its original frame while going through some of my mother’s things that had been in storage for the past few years. Was extremely disappointed at how much it had faded over time so decided to see if I could find someone on-line who does photo restoration work. Ran across Sandra at Restoration Photo and provided her with a scanned version of what I had. Today I received the restored photo via e-mail and was absolutely thrilled by the result! Never thought the photo would look anything like it did originally, but it even looks better now than how I remembered it. I am beyond satisfied, and if I ever need additional photo restoration work done, I will definitely direct it Sandra’s way. Many thanks for the excellent work and for not only restoring a photo but restoring all the memories that go with it!

I have no words to thank you about your work. Simply amazing. Is going to be the best gift for my mom (actually the little girl is her mother and her grandmother) she has kept that photo for years and will create good remembers for her.

Thanks and warmest regards

I am impressed with the restoration you did of my grandparents. The color restoration from the extreme sun fade and the blending with what little color remained on the very edges is seamless.

I’m sure my mom (it’s her parents in the photograph) will greatly appreciate the restoration. Thank you for fast, quality service.