How Much Does Photo Restoration Cost?

How Much Does Photo Restoration CostPeople decide to have an old photograph restored for many reasons. They might be part of an institution looking to preserve their heritage, an individual researching family history, or someone seeking a unique gift. It’s not an everyday purchase, so the question of ‘how much does photo restoration cost?’ understandably comes up a lot. In this post, we’ll try to give you an insight into what to expect.

The Photo Restoration Process

Each photo restoration project involves several people depending on the type of damage the image has experienced. The artists we work with have different areas of expertise, so we’ll draw on their strengths to fit what’s required for the photograph in question. The Lead Artist then brings all the individual restorers’ work together to create a final composition.

This process goes beyond the technology and software that’s commonly available. It takes experience, judgement and skill to get the best result. So, when requesting our service, the quote you receive will take this into account.

Factors Which Can Affect the Cost of Your Photo Restoration

Keep in mind that we’re talking about high quality photo restoration here, and not a quick fix. The detailed service we offer takes a holistic approach to recreate a life-like image.  Here’s some factors that can influence the price:

1) The Extent of the Damage
Extreme reconstruction of image detail

 We’ve seen it all over the years – from slightly sun-faded family portraits, to unsightly patches of water damage and even images that have almost completely disappeared. Often, people are surprised by how much can be fixed through photo restoration. However, more complex damage takes extra time and expertise, so our price will vary depending how much of the image is affected and in what way.

2) How Much Research is Required?
2. How Much Research is Required?

If an image is badly faded or ripped, we may need to do extensive historical research to restore it properly. We’ll consider the type of antique photograph it is, including the materials and techniques originally used to produce it. Plus, if some of the image is missing, we’ll explore what was there previously to produce a realistic recreation that’s consistent with the time period, culture and surrounding elements.

3) Whether You Need Assistance with Scanning
Take the Full Scan

We now offer a Full Service to assist those who either don’t have access to a quality photo scanner, or perhaps don’t have time to scan the image themselves. This service has a higher fee because of the extra time and skills involved. A great photo restoration starts with a high-resolution scan and to do this properly costs a bit more.

4) The Size of the Final Print
The Size of the Final Print

Finally, oversized prints also cost more to digitize and work on. For example, the file size for a 5 x 6 foot banner will be larger than a 20 x 24 inch family portrait. This means there’s more surface and pixels to repair and it therefore requires more time.  It’s a similar principle to moving physical objects – a coffee table is easier and quicker to move than a marble dining room table. Thus, the final print size is a factor in the cost of your photo restoration.

So, How Much Does Photo Restoration Cost?

As you can probably see, the answer to this question varies depending on the project. Prices for our Restoration Only Service start at $95, while the Full Service starts at $150. To give you an idea, an average restoration is usually $250, but an extreme restoration can be as much as $500.

With several experts working on each image, high end photo restoration isn’t a cheap option. But, we care about what we do and choose to focus on quality over quantity in our work. It costs more, but the accuracy and artistic skill you’ll receive is worth it in the end.