How to Retain the Value of Your Old Photographs
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How to Retain the Value of Your Old Photographs

For nearly 200 years, the most significant events in our history have been captured in photographs. Historical incidents, significant people, and sporting victories live on through printed images, as do the people and places that are close to…
Details You Can Learn from Photos
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Surprising Details You Can Learn from Photographs

Old photographs are an amazing source of information about the people of the past. Photo restoration can reveal even more as details of homes return to view and previously faded faces become clear once again.  A restored image can be full of…
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5 Unique Photo Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Searching for a special present for your Mom on Mother’s Day? These unique photo gift ideas from The Photo Restoration Center may just do the trick.
Five Easy Ways to do Your Family History in 2013
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Five Easy Ways to do Your Family History

Everyone has a song to sing in life. Every family leaves a legacy. My father is a professional photographer and my grandfather was a prestigious professor of geology. I am also directly related to Old King Cole (yes the "merry old soul"…
Photo restoration vs photo conservation

Photo Restoration vs. Photo Conservation – What’s the difference?

Now that digital photography is set to make film photography obsolete, we sometimes forget how lucky we are to be able to produce high-quality images that can be copied without limit. With the technology we have today, we can easily capture…
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Orphaned Photos & Researching Your Family History On eBay

Up in your attic, or tucked away in a cedar chest, you happen to find some very old, weathered photos. You think the people in them may be family – long-lost ancestors – and the setting (a homestead or town, for example) significant. You…