Everything You Should Know About Storing Old Photographs

Everything You Need To Know About Storing Old Photographs

In the age of digital photography, we’ve become curators of vast digital image libraries. But many of us vaguely remember the days when film canisters were taken to a lab, and you returned later to be handed an exciting, weighty envelope full…
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Why Do Photographs Fade?

As time passes, we accept that some memories fade, but most of us take for granted that our photos will last, preserving how things were and the faces and moments we don’t want to forget. Sadly, looking over a lifetime’s collection of photographs,…
Removing mold from photos

What to do When an Old Photograph has Water Damage

A common problem we see at The Photo Restoration Center is old photos with water damage. Sometimes the pictures have blotches, while other times mold forms leaving unsightly patterns and marks. If you’ve found a favorite family photograph…
Faded Photo

Why Old Photos Fade & How to Prevent It

As time goes by, old photos fade. Their colors become washed out, and black and white shades lose their distinction turning a dull grey. Sometimes, the image almost disappears completely. It’s sad to see the memories disappear along with it,…