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The Photo Restoration Center is Closing

Dear valued clients, It is with mixed emotions that I announce the closure of The Photo Restoration Center after 20 years in business. The reason for this decision is due to the rapid advances in AI technology, which have rendered many aspects of the photo restoration industry automated and less in need of the human […]


Wedding Photo EMERGENCY!

What to do if your wedding pictures have “accidentally” been ripped in half, or quarters or shredded? Yikes! The Photo Restoration Center receives a surprising number of enquiries about photographs that have been ripped in half, torn, quartered, slashed, or otherwise lacerated. The subject of these pictures? Often, it’s the happiest day of someone’s life. […]


Why Old Photos Fade & How to Prevent It

As time goes by, old photos fade. Their colors become washed out, and black and white shades lose their distinction turning a dull grey. Sometimes, the image almost disappears completely. It’s sad to see the memories disappear along with it, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Why do old photographs fade? Sunlight, […]

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How to Retain the Value of Your Old Photographs

For nearly 200 years, the most significant events in our history have been captured in photographs. Historical incidents, significant people, and sporting victories live on through printed images, as do the people and places that are close to our hearts. Unlike modern photography, there is often only one copy of an antique photograph. Once that […]

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Can Your Old Photograph be Restored?

A Guide to Our Photo Restoration Services Discovering a precious old photograph with stains or rips is sadly a common phenomenon. Accidents happen and with pre-digital photography there’s often only one copy of each print. These unique photos are priceless to us, but also vulnerable to all manner of wear and tear. If you have a picture you fear may […]

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The Secret to the Highest Quality Photo Restoration

One thing that continuously strikes us is how special our job is. Photo restoration brings moments in time back to life, taking special occasions and reviving them for future generations to enjoy. We hear the moving stories behind the pictures, and the images linger in our memories long after the final product is sent. It’s recently got us […]