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5 Unique Photo Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in the US has its historical roots in the 19th Century. It began as ‘Mother’s Day Work Clubs’ set up by Ann Reeves Jarvis to teach local women skills in caring for their children. When she passed away, her daughter Anna campaigned for a day dedicated to Moms which then evolved into the celebration we now enjoy each May.

The popular traditions of sending flowers, making breakfast in bed and going out for lunch are lovely ways to show your appreciation on Mother’s Day. However, sometimes they can feel a bit repetitive or unimaginative. If you want to do something a little different this year, here’s five unique photo gift ideas that your Mom will cherish.

1. Restore a Faded Family Portrait

What to do When an Old Photograph is Stuck to Glass

Does your Mom have an old family photograph sitting on a window sill or shelf that could do with some TLC? You may not even notice these pictures anymore when you visit because they’ve been there for so long. But, they often have great sentimental value.

A beautifully creative photo gift idea could be to revive that photo and the memories it holds. Professional photo restoration fixes the faded image and removes any damage. So, your Mom will be able to make it a feature of the room again and keep the special people in her life close to her always.

2. Help Her Remember her Wedding Day

Photo Restoration Fixing Faded Photos

In years gone by, many couples could only afford to have one or two photographs taken for their wedding day. These portraits carry a priceless emotional value. If they’ve been kept in a drawer or displayed on a wall for a long period of time the color may well have distorted. Imagine what a wonderful surprise it would be to have one of these precious photographs restored as a unique photo gift for Mother’s Day.

3. Remind her How Cute You Were

Photo Restoration of Faded Photo

Many Mom’s love to have framed pictures of their kids up around their home. No doubt she’s got at least one portrait of you from your junior school days adorning her shelves. Sadly, displaying these treasured photos for many years can cause the image to fade as it’s exposed to sunlight. A newly restored version of the photograph in a frame would make a stunning and unique photo gift. And, what fun for you to see that old school uniform looking fresh again too.

4. Celebrate Generations of Mothers in Your Family

If your Mom is the kind of person that keeps old photographs, it may be that she has one with all the Mothers from your family. A newly restored portrait featuring your grandmother, mother and you as a child would be a really special way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Perhaps there’s a box of old snaps in a drawer somewhere you could search through to find the perfect picture.

5. Turn Your Unique Photo Gift into a Personalized Greeting Card

When you have an old photograph restored with The Photo Restoration Center, we’ll send you a digital file of the image. This could be used in many ways to create personalized gifts for Mother’s Day. One example we love is the service by AdoramaPix where you can design your own photo greeting card. They’re printed with beautiful results, so it’s sure to be a special card she’ll want to keep.

Final tip: If you’re going to finish off your unique photo gift by framing the picture, seek out a good quality frame that includes a mount board or acid-free, lignin-free mat and Museum Glass®.  This will protect the printed image and ensure the restored photo remains looking as good as new for years to come.

Feeling inspired? If you’re ready to create a unique photo gift for Mother’s Day 2018, request a complimentary quote for photo restoration today. We’ll be delighted to help make your Mom smile.